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As a gym or fitness center owner, customer waivers are usually not enough to protect you from potentially damaging financial risks. A specialty fitness center insurance policy can fill the gaps.

While most gyms get customers to sign waivers, that’s often not enough to protect you against lawsuits. And, even if such lawsuits fail, you may still face legal costs. That’s why you need specialty fitness center insurance to cover against the specific risks of a gym.

For example, you could be held liable for injuries caused by inadequately maintained equipment. You might face professional liability claims if a customer suffers a health emergency or injury and blames the advice your staff gave. You could even be sued by customers over problems with goods you sell, such as nutrition supplements.

How can fitness center insurance protect you?

Use the yellow hot spots and explore how fitness center insurance can help protect against common risks.

Of course, a good fitness center policy also covers standard business insurance like workers compensation, employee practices liability and protection for your buildings and equipment.

Check with your insurer for any guidance they offer about minimizing risk; for example, posting adequate warning signs about hazards using equipment, or adequately training staff to deal with emergencies and minimize damage.

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